Data Structure and Content Description

In-depth Presentation of the Structure and Content of the Database

General Definitions and Concepts

What is a Disaster in EM-DAT?

Core Structure of the Database

Basic Relational Structure of the Various Components of a Disaster Event in EM-DAT

EM-DAT Public Table

Content and Presentation of the Database as Publicly Available

Disaster Classification System

Historical and Current Classification System of Disasters

Classification Glossary

Definitions of Disaster Types

Hazard and Disaster Magnitude Units

Additional Information About the Hazard Extent

Impact Variables

What Type of Information Is Collected to Evaluate the Impact of a Disaster? How Is It Aggregated, Reported, or Adjusted?

Spatial Information and Geocoding

Standards for Administrative Regions

EM-DAT Sources of Information

Where Do the EM-DAT Figures Come From?