Common Questions
  1. What is EM-DAT and its purpose? (see Overview of EM-DAT)
  2. What are the EM-DAT disaster inclusion criteria? (see Entry Criteria)
  3. What kind of information is included in EM-DAT? (see Data Structure and Content Description)
  4. What is the value of the economic damage entered into EM-DAT? (see Economic Impact Variables)
  5. How are the data compiled? (see Encoding, Quality Control, and Validation Procedure)
  6. What is the spatial resolution of the EM-DAT? (see Spatial Information and Geocoding)
  7. What is the updating interval for EM-DAT figures? (see Daily Encoding)
  8. How can I download/access the EM-DAT data? (see How to Download the EM-DAT Public Data)
  9. What are the conditions of use? (see Use Of EM-DAT Database Data And Derived Products)
  10. How can I be kept informed about EM-DAT news and publications? (Join the Newsletter)
  11. How can I contact the EM-DAT team? (see Contact)